Please note, by booking an appointment with us, you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions. Our policies are outlined and described below in question and answer format for easier reading. Click each question and the policies will appear below. For additional questions about our policies or procedures, please e-mail our owner, Brie, at


We’re the healthiest and most affordable cleaning service available! In fact, according to the EPA, your indoor air quality could be up to 500 times more polluted than the air outside due to toxic chemicals in cleaning products. Furthermore, science suggests we spent 90% of our time indoors and 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental rather than genetic factors, especially from exposure to carcinogenic chemicals… many of which are found in conventional cleaning products!

It’s no coincidence that short-term effects of conventional cleaning products include headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, rashes, severe burns, and respiratory problems. Meanwhile, long-term exposure to cleaning chemicals include developmental problems, reproductive issues, autism, learning disabilities, asthma, allergies, cancer, and more.

Therefore, switching to a non-toxic, organic cleaning service is crucial for the health of you and your family! For more information on these toxic chemicals and their effects, check out the image above or click the recommended sources below.


Recommended Sources:

What’s Gotten Into Us? Staying Healthy in a Toxic World by McKay Jenkins

5 Secrets Conventional Cleaning Product Makers Don’t Want You to Know, by

Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning 

Organic Consumers Association 

The Dirt On Toxic Chemicals in Household Cleaning Products


Philly Maid Green is dedicated to just that–making Philly green. We’re just cleaning houses, but making all of Philadelphia cleaner and greener. We do so by hosting educational workshops and community clean-ups in neighborhoods around Philly (visit our “Community” page for more information). Plus, we make all of our products from scratch with 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients to ensure the area is as clean and healthy as possible. In other words, we are not just a cleaning service, but a community initiative dedicated to making Philly as clean, green, and sustainable as possible!


We provide all of our own cleaning supplies and cleaning products, which are 100% organic and made from scratch.  For their safety and health, cleaners are not authorized to use any products other than the cleaning products we provide and make in-house.

However, clients absolutely MUST provide their own toilet brush. It is unsanitary and risky for us to carry them between clients home. Without a toilet brush, our cleaners will NOT put their hands inside your toilet, so it’s likely the inside bowl would go uncleaned.

We also prefer if clients have their own to make travel easier for our cleaners, who often travel by public transportation. As mentioned above, regular clients with pets that sheds (especially large dogs) are required to provide their own pet-dander vacuum, as the excessive hair could damage our vacuums or transfer pet dander/allergies to our other clients homes. If you have a pet that sheds but do NOT provide your own vacuum, we may charge an additional $4 or more per hour to cover costs of scheduling, deep-cleaning, and transporting our heavy-duty vacuum.


Our staff accepts payment via check or cash at the time of service. Tips should be made in cash and given separately from the cleaning payment. For new clients, we capture your credit card information to reserve your scheduled day and time. In the case that cash or check is not provided, the credit card information will be processed via Quickbooks with an additional 4% processing fee, plus 10% gratuity for appointments with 2.5 labor hours or more.


Have you ever worked in the service industry? Similar to other serving jobs, professional cleaning is an extremely meticulous, rigorous, and fast-paced occupation that requires our staff to be mentally and physically on-point at all times. Therefore, tips are not only extremely appreciated, but also an important portion of their income. Just like tipping bartenders, hairdressers, and delivery drivers who provide 20 to 40 minutes of service, it is the standard to tip house cleaners, who provide two to five hours of service.

Tips can vary based on performance but usually equate to 10% of the total bill per cleaner, but additional gratuity for adequate service is greatly appreciated, should be given on-site and must be given separately from your cleaning payment.


Everything! Well, almost everything. To see what is or is not included, you can view our team’s cleaning checklists by clicking HERE.

IF YOUR HOME IS EMPTY, almost empty, or you’re just moving in or out, it is considered a MOVE-IN or MOVE-OUT CLEANING and requires different tasks, scheduling, and necessary supplies than a “standard” house cleaning. To view information above our Move-in/move-out cleaning, please scroll to the next section.

There are some cleaning tasks that are too unpredictable and time consuming, that if they were accounted for, it would be impossible to provide accurate estimates and appointment scheduling.  The following items can be requested when you book your appointment but are not included in our estimates: 

  • Items That Are Not Within “Reasonable” Reach (such as lightbulbs, tops of cabinets, high windows, etc.) – If it can not be reached with an extended duster while standing on a step stool, it is out of “reasonable” reach. For safety reasons, cleaners can NOT climb on ladders or chairs to clean. But they CAN stand on a step stool (maximum 2.5 feet is “reasonable”) but the step stool must be provided by the client and any injuries sustained are the client’s responsibility
  • Inside of Refrigerator/Freezer, Inside of Oven, and Inside Kitchen Cabinets  – Must be requested beforehand but they’re always included in a move-in/move-out
  • Inside of Closets – They can be done upon request or if they’re empty, but they’re always included in move-in/move-outs
  • Folding/Organizing Piles of Clothes – What’s clean? What’s dirty? Where should we put these? No idea, so you’ll have to let us know before we get there
  • Dishes – Similar to clothes, dishes are not included in our estimates, as we do not know where your dishes belong and cleaning them could take anywhere from 5 – 40 minutes to complete. If you’d like dishes to be included, please let us know ahead of time when you book your appointment so we can schedule accordingly and bring proper supplies. Otherwise, a sink full of dirty dishes will unfortunately need to go uncleaned.
  • Blinds – There is no easy or time efficient way to clean blinds, so a single set can take 15 minutes to an hour to clean. Dirt and dust on blinds can clump, get stuck, smear, and make it look SO much worse, making it impossible to manage or predict with a time limit. Upon request, we can give them a solid wipe with a dry rag. If you want them perfectly cleaned, we’d recommend taking them down, scrubbing them in the tub, hanging them back up…and then thoroughly cleaning your tub
  • Interior Windows – In a regular residential clean, we do clean window frames and sills but not the glass or the space in between the screen and glass. Just cleaning the inside (i.e the side facing indoors) window glass can add 5 to 20 minutes per window and opening it to clean other side takes twice as long. The indoor side of window glass is included in a “move-in cleaning” but opening them to clean the glass facing outdoors must be requested ahead of time.
  • Under Furniture/Couch Cushions – Our cleaners are not able to move/lift anything over 20 pounds, so they will NOT move large furniture like couches or dressers to clean under them. Cleaning under cushions or furniture can be requested for reoccurring clients, but are not included in our estimates
  • Excessive (emphasis on excessive) Sawdust or House Dust – When there are thick layers of dust or construction saw dust, we can clean it but we can not ELIMINATE it. Please note, even if we clean dust off, if there is an abnormal amount, some will inevitably dissipate into the air and resettle on surfaces later. We will do our best to eliminate resettled floor dust with brooms, vacuums, and mops, but after using them, there’s nothing else that could be done to completely ELIMINATE dust particles in the air.
  • Walls – We will try to clean very obvious but manageable smudges or food stains on a wall (like in kitchen, by trashcans, or around sinks) but we will not spend time scrubbing walls top to bottom
  • Behind Large Appliances  refrigerators, ovens, washers, and dryers – if you want them cleaned you must request before hand and have them moved from their place before we arrive and then move them back yourself if you’d like us to clean around it
  • Under Beds – We can not move the bed from its place or remove things from under it, but we will clean a few inches under it with a vacuum

Again, you CAN request these tasks! But they are difficult to predict and schedule, so if you do not let us know ahead of time so we can schedule and plan, then our team will only complete them if there is extra time available at the end of your scheduled appointment. Please note, for the health and safety of our cleaners, our services NEVER include the use of conventional/chemical cleaning products, inside of dishwashers, or paint removal. 

If you wish to add any of the above “extras”, they MUST be requested ASAP or at least two full business days prior to your appointment time. Any tasks that are changed or added upon arrival will ONLY be completed if there is extra time remaining in your estimate.


Inside of fridge, inside of oven, inside of cabinets, inside closets, and the indoor side of window glass. PLEASE NOTE, cleaning the inside/outside of kitchen cabinets is by far the most rigorous and time consuming part of any move-in/move-out cleaning. Therefore, depending on the type, severity and age of the cabinets, it could take 1-4 hours to get them cleaned to perfection, so please be aware of that when we need to complete everything in a reasonable amount of time. If your move-in/move-out cleaning has paint specks or splatter on the sinks, floors, or surfaces, it will only come off with PAINT THINNER, so our cleaning products will NOT remove them. 



  • All plumbing, temperature control, and electricity is in 100% working order
  • The property is almost completely empty of furniture and boxes, and 100% empty of animals, construction, or pests. Any items or furniture left behind will not be included in the cleaning, moved around, or disposed of by our staff.
  • All construction, repairs, or movers/moving must be completed PRIOR to our scheduled appointment time.
  • Our services do NOT include the inside of the dishwasher, behind or under heavy appliances, removing paint from surfaces or floors, or cleaning areas that require a ladder, including but not limited cleaning the tops of cabinets, high beams, or tall windows.


We take the health and safety of our team and business very seriously.  Therefore, clients are required to provide safe and appropriate working conditions and inform us of any hazardous environments or material PRIOR to scheduling their appointment. Depending on the severity of the situation, if our cleaners come across unsafe or hazardous conditions, they reserve the right to leave the cleaning and/or a 10% up charge per cleaner will be added for each hazardous offense.

A property will be considered a threat or hazard to our staff if…

  • It does not have heating or air conditioning  whereas the temperature is below 60 or above 75 degrees. Considering the physical aspect of our work, the increased heat creates dangerous conditions for our team. In fact, tThe average house cleaner burns 110 calories per hour, or about 400 – 500 PER HOUSE so our team will be sweating even when there is air conditioning!  If you do not have air conditioning, depending on the severity of the heat and the cleaning, the cleaners can choose to leave outright and/or an additional 10% “unsafe working conditions” fee per cleaner will be added to the bill as mandatory gratuity to the cleaners.
  • There is no electricity in the home. Sometimes when moving into a new home, the electricity has been turned off. In this situation, that means our cleaners do not have the ability to see clearly, use vacuums, or A/C or even fans to keep them cool. In the event of no electricity or light,  a 10% up charge per cleaner will be added to the bill or the cleaners may leave.
  • When the location contains any hazardous material that may be dangerous to the health of our cleaners, clients, or business. Such “hazard material” includes but is not limited to fecal matter, bodily fluid, blood, broken glass, excessive garbage, cock roaches, rodents, bed bugs, fleas, etc. If cleaners come across any of the above material, they may choose to completely skip that area, leave the cleaning altogether, or a 10% “hazardous material handling fee” will be added to the total bill, depending on severity.

If your home has issues with any of the above, we can possibly make an exception if we’re informed BEFORE YOU SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT so we can come prepared with the proper masks, gloves, tools, supplies, fans, etc. However, if we are not informed in advanced, and therefore potentially endangers our tools, business and cleaners, then a 10% surcharge per cleaner per offense will be added to the total bill. In extreme cases, the cleaners will leave and the client may still be charged for the original hours they were scheduled for, as well any up charges for endangering the welfare of our team.


Yes! Like many small businesses, we only get paid if we work. Our staff plans to work set hours each week and from that, they calculate their income. Therefore, cancellations or rescheduling can lead to a hefty pay cut for our crew and a missed opportunity to schedule another client. However, with two full business days notice, it’s easy to fill any openings. Therefore, it’s only fair to charge a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment 48 hours and/or two full business days before your scheduled appointment time.

  • Less than two full business days notice: Charged $50 or 33% of the cost of the cleaning or for new clients, the cost of the estimate
  • Less than 24 hours notice:  charged 75% of the estimated cost of your cleaning
  • “Lock outs” If a client isn’t home to let the cleaners in or a key isn’t left for them as planned, then the cleaners will wait a maximum of 15 minutes to gain access to the premises and the wait time will be added to your bill.  If they still can’t gain access after 15 minutes,  it is considered a “lock out” and you will be billed for 100% of the cost of the cleaning.

Similarly, we often require two full business days notice for a confirmation. If we contact to confirm and do not hear back within 48 hours, the appointment time likely won’t be available any longer. The only appointments that exempt from this are clients who have signed our Cleaning Agreement


We love animals! In fact, our non-toxic cleaning products are especially safer for pets and kids! All of our staff members are friendly and comfortable with animals, as long as they are friendly. If you know your pet might be loud or aggressive with our staff, we ask that you please consider keeping them in a crate or separate room during our visit. Clients are fully responsible for the behavior, actions, or damages their pet may cause to our staff or equipment.

If you have a pet that sheds, please let us know when booking your appointment, as this could affect the estimated time and cost of your cleaning. Vacuuming pet hair from furniture/upholstery is NOT included in our initial estimates, so if you’d like those included, please let us know when booking your appointment.  For regular clients with pets that sheds (especially large dogs), we require that you provide your own pet-dander vacuum, as the excessive hair could damage our vacuums or transfer pet dander/allergies to our other clients homes. If you have a pet that sheds but do NOT provide your own vacuum, we may charge an additional $4 or more per hour to cover costs of scheduling, deep-cleaning, and transporting our heavy-duty vacuums.


Most of our clients are not, but this is up to you. We understand that trusting someone in your home can be uncomfortable, but we promise 100% honesty and thoroughness, so the choice is up to you. Most of our clients are home for the initial cleaning, but give us access going forward. We can not accept or keep clients house keys, so lock boxes, key codes or hidden access is encouraged.

As for keys, you’re welcome to leave a key for us but we can NOT take the keys off site. In fact, cleaners are not authorized to take anything of site other than their own supplies and payment. Therefore, you’re welcome to leave keys hidden or secure on site for us, but the cleaners will NOT keep your keys between appointments.


Some are surprised to hear that a cleaning service would charge sales tax, but its true! Each month, we’re charged 6% sales tax from the federal government, plus an additional 2% from Philadelphia for local sales tax.


By setting an appointment with us, you hereby agree to ALL of the following terms and conditions.

1. In the case that you may not be satisfied with our services, your specific complaints must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of the appointment to be considered for a discount or a free re-clean. Discounts will be given based on the manager’s discretion, as well as the photographic evidence provided, which must be provided within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.


2. Philly Maid Green’s cancellation policy applies to ALL clients, new and old


3. Clients are welcome to provide walk throughs, initial suggestions, written notes, or a list of prioritized tasks. However, clients are NOT permitted to incessantly follow or disturb our cleaners.


4. Any and all tasks that are not included in a standard cleaning must be requested during booking or at least two full business days prior. If you ask cleaners to add tasks that were not mentioned prior to your estimate, they will ONLY be completed if there is extra time remaining in your estimate. 


5. Maids will not lift objects heavier than 20 pounds, so they can not clean behind or under big objects or appliances (such as beds, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.) unless they are moved from their place prior to their arrival. If it is not moved, it will not be cleaned behind it. No exceptions.


6. Maids are only required to use and bring Philly Maid Green brand cleanings products. If a client wishes for one of our cleaners to use a chemical cleaning product, consent must be given by the manager and the cleaner beforehand and must be provided by the client. Cleaners also do not bring toilet brushes between homes, as that would be unsanitary and hazardous. That said, our cleaners WILL NOT put their hands inside your toilets to clean them, so the toilet may go uncleaned if a client does not provide their own toilet brush.


7. Cleaners are forbidden to climb or stand on objects or ladders taller than a step stool. Step stools or objects to stand on for cleaning must be provided by the client if necessary, but understand that any injuries sustained by a cleaner is the responsibility of the client.


8. Our cleaners are encouraged to take public transport, but in the instance they must drive to your location, the cost of parking will be added to your bill. Certain cleaners have cars while others do not, and their need to drive depends on many variables, including your location, other scheduled appointments, and their location/distance in the city. We do not give preference for certain cleaners based on their mode of transportation.


9. Client’s are to only to communicate through and make payments directly to the company. Cleaners and clients are prohibited from exchanging personal contact information and/or communicating outside of Philly Maid Green parameters.


10. Client shall be held liable for any injury or damages to the cleaner, the equipment or property of the cleaner, while on the premises of said engagement if damage is caused by client or guest, or members of his organization or household. Philly Maid Green is not liable for indirect or consequential damages arising from any breach of conduct. This includes but is not limited to, attorney’s fees, and other costs of defense by reason of actual or alleged violations of any Law, all injuries, deaths, damage to property,  suits, claims, liens, lien rights, judgments, liabilities, costs and expenses, which may arise directly or indirectly from the Cleaning Services provided.

We can also be reached via call/text at

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